Sami is the future of country music

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Sami Cooke, Australia's Country Music Sweetheart
Sami Cooke, Australia’s Country Music Sweetheart

I don’t know about you, but I’m a country music fan. There’s just something about the genre that’s so honest, so real and so grounded. Not to mention the fact that I love guitar and fiddle and all those key sounds that country artists love to use so much.

It’s also very varied. ‘Country’ as a genre can range between anything from Slim Dusty and Chad Morgan right up to artists who like to mix attributes of pop, rock’n’roll or other genres in as well for a bit of an extra twist. And the country music industry, in its all-inclusive nature, makes room for everyone and welcomes them into the fold.

Still, it seems to be that the ratio of female to male talent in country music is greatly tipped in favour of the latter. C’mon girls, where are you all? I know you are out there somewhere!

Having said that, the girls that ARE making a name for themselves in country music are doing a bloody good job of it. There’s one young lady in particular that springs to mind.


In recent years Sami Cooke, who hails from Young, NSW, has taken the Australian country music industry by an absolute storm. At only 18 years of age, ‘country’s sweetheart’ Sami has won so many awards and accolades that you can barely poke a stick at them, for both her covers and originals. She’s been personally recognised by many big-names in Australian country music, including Beccy Cole, Tania and Ray Kernaghan and Bill Chambers.

What makes Sami and her music so special though is the way she has gone about building her career up from the barest foundations to something great. And it is only going to get better. Sami is keeping it in the family with the support of her parents and siblings. Her mum is her manager, which has got to be a relief knowing that your manager definitely has your back through thick and thin!


Starting from performing in talent quests, eisteddfods, small gigs and working for a local Young radio station, Sami wrote and recorded her debut album Every Passing Minute while still in high school – and for a large part of it while completing the Higher School Certificate at the same time!

Since leaving school Sami has been touring all over the country performing in various venues for her album tour. And the kinds of places she’s playing? Pubs, clubs, hotels, festivals… for some reason I can’t help but think that if Slim were still around, he’d be as proud as punch of this young lady putting in the hard yards to get where she wants to go, but keeping it real all at the same time.


Because Sami is doing what all aspiring musicians should be looking to achieve as well (and not just those from country). She is connecting with her fans on a level that continues to astound me. She’s like the girl next door that everybody wants to be best friends with, who also happens to be stunningly gorgeous, who also happens to write songs, who also happens to have an amazing and mature-beyond-her-years voice and way with a pen. She also knows how to use social media like a pro, and when a status update from Sami pops up in your newsfeed, you feel like you’re reading the latest from someone you knew back in high school and feel so happy for her that she’s doing so well.

She also adds in random busking stops while on tour and plays for strangers at caravan parks. I mean, come on, seriously, can you get any nicer than that?

I foresee big things in the future for Sami, who with every show grows in experience and number of loyal fans. She’s the kind of musician who makes you feel like she’s genuinely interested in you, even though you’ve never even met. It’s a certain intangible something that, for a musician, you either have or you don’t. And Sami has it. Boy has she ever. She’s got it in spades.


If you have never heard Sami’s incredible voice and music before, I would highly recommend that you check it out. Her debut album is for sale through her website (I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post) or through iTunes. You can also look her up on YouTube to see some great clips of her singing both covers and original songs.

There are only two things that I wish Sami would do:

  1. Upload more vides of herself singing songs onto YouTube. Covers, originals, whatever. I just want to hear her singing. I’m thinking like one-on-one “webcam” style jamming sessions where we just get to hear her sing whatever song comes into her head.
  2. I wish I could do a photo shoot of her. As a writer and but also a photographer, she has that kind of face that I see and immediately all these image concepts jump into my brain. Add in a couple of guitars and stunning outfits…. *sigh*. I can dream.

So, Sami, if you are ever reading this, keep up the brilliant and inspirational work! Keep writing and recording because I for one can’t wait to hear what sort of music you’re going to have lined up for us next! Also, you are beautiful. For the rest of you, go listen to her music if you haven’t already, and maybe if you’re feeling really awesome, buy the album to support a young, talented and beautiful Aussie country artist. The girls in this business might be the minority in terms of quantity, but when it’s the quality we’re looking at, I reckon we’ve got the boys pretty much on par.

Stay cheerful folks!

~Laura 🙂

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